Sunday, December 26, 2010

Final Mix

This is the final mix of the demo, tapes should be ordered within the next week.              

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Demo 2010

Download the demo

and lyrics for the demo,

Not on my Block

Not the way I wanna live,
with art killing fucks fouling my block
false entitlement is not welcomed here
and your forms of expression fucking suck

Your presence stirs a cloud of filth
carrying the corpse of your old selves
fresh starts for pieces of shit
go find yourself somewhere else

not on my block, not on these streets,
you're not wanted here,
only in your dreams can you hope to be,
a real human being


the things that you say
make no fucking sense
mindless trivial things
that smear all your friends
the things that you do
make no fucking sense
mindless trivial things
that smear all your friends
is what you're on
i can smell your stench from miles away
the thought of seeing you makes me fucking sick


Rites of summer
crews and colors
blazing nights
year in, year out

block by block
pain thrives
corner altars                                                                                              
 for broken lives

Hate boils in the heat
street attrition takes its toll
on the youngest and the dumbest
red hot rage turns stone cold

street in siege
in frail states
caskets leading
the motorcades

nightly fire
becomes the norm
sirens blaring
and hospital forms

night fills you with fear
try to shake it off
be quick on your feet
as you walk these streets.

Do the right thing

Born from hate, born into pain
life alone on ugly streets
joined a gang, forced to kill
on cold nights, use the steel

you grind and you grind bones to dust
you kill and you harm to make your mind right

the stench of death follows you
sickened you leave unseen
could it be a change of hearts,
drop the steel and do the right thing

all the numbness and depredations begins to eat you
on the inside
do the right thing and you might find some sanity in your life.

Two Worlds

see the changes for what they are,
be belittled for who you are

two worlds, from the start
two worlds, worlds apart

see the staring eyes, feel the hatred glare,
you've felt it before, you will again

stuck between two different worlds where the strongest one bleeds the other dry
see disparity for what it is. see that hatred for what it means